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The State of Contingent Workforce Management 2018: The Convergence of Talent, Technology, and the Future of Work

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The foundational elements to the “New World of Work,” beyond the technological advancements fueling business operations, is the mindset behind how talent is engaged, sourced, and managed. Key business projects and initiatives are now addressed in an on-demand manner, and work in conjunction with a literal “talent revolution” in which more and more top-tier, highly-skilled workers are adopting a flexible work-style. The very core of work today is not only instituted on the transformation of enterprise thinking, but also the underlying components of work optimization.

The ultimate concept of the “Future of Work” hinges on one key question that has risen as the main driver of business today: “How will work get done?” This annual research report seeks to answer in rich detail and empirically-driven discussion this central question.

The State of CWM - 2017-2018 - MS