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CPO Rising is the global research site for the next generation of procurement leaders

CPO Rising is a research and news site written for and about Chief Procurement Officers and other supply management executives. It is also one of the largest websites (for global and US markets) focused on procurement and supply management. Our editorial mission is to engage executive leaders with a steady stream of top-quality, progressive, and original content. This mission has resulted in a loyal following of global readers drawn from the ranks of supply management leaders.

CPO Rising delivers to current and aspiring CPOs:

  • (1) Compelling articles that provide insight and progressive approaches to the procurement agenda
  • (2) Information that educates, challenges, entertains and engages the reader
  • (3) Real world case studies based on more than a decade of work and research with leading practitioners in supply management
  • (4) The opportunity to regularly engage with procurement executives from leading, global companies

CPO Rising is published by Andrew Bartolini, Chief Research officer at Ardent Partners and presents articles written by the Ardent Partners analyst team, a globally recognized team of experts in sourcing, procurement, supply management, and complex spend management. Ardent Partners is a research and advisory firm focused on defining, advancing, and promoting the supply management strategies, processes, and technologies that drive business value and accelerate organizational transformation.

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