We are living in a new world of work. From talent to technology to the very concept of the “Future of Work,” consumer and business mindsets are converging to push 2018 into an age of evolution and innovation. The foundational elements to this new world of work, beyond the technological advancements fueling business operations, is the mindset behind how talent is engaged, sourced, and managed. Key business projects and initiatives are now addressed in an on-demand manner, and work in conjunction with a literal “talent revolution” in which more and more top-tier, highly-skilled workers are adopting a flexible work-style. The very core of work today is not only instituted on the transformation of enterprise thinking, but also the underlying components of work optimization.

The ultimate concept of the “Future of Work” hinges on one key question that has risen as the main driver of business today: “How will work get done?”

The answer to the question will always, correctly, be rooted in the path of innovation, however, talent is a differentiating and transformative attribute in how work is ultimately optimized. Online talent platforms represent a pure path through this new world of work, and serve as real-time networks in which flexible/non-employee workers and businesses can connect. These outlets have quickly become a primary means of addressing talent-based needs. Most of these platforms specialize in specific areas or verticals, and many utilize unique algorithms to help enterprises determine the best alignment between a project and potential freelancer or non-employee worker.

I invite you to join me tomorrow (Thursday, January 11) at 1pm ET for a webinar co-sponsored by SAP Fieldglass and Catalant Technologies; tomorrow’s event will deep-dive into how and why organizations today rely on many different types of on-demand talent – from business consultants to project managers, software engineers to data scientists, and beyond. Tapping these resources enables them to access the skills they need, when and where they are needed, to accelerate business outcomes with greater agility and efficiency…and, of course, it represents the Future of Work.

I’ll be joined by Rich Gardner, SVP Strategic Partnerships at Catalant Technologies, and Kevin Poll, Digital Strategy at SAP Fieldglass, who will both join me in discussing:

  • Why on-demand talent is a critical piece of the Future of Work model.
  • Critical market trends that are giving rise to the multichannel workforce.
  • Examples of how companies are building ecosystems of digital providers to streamline talent acquisition and services procurement.
  • How Best-in-Class businesses are tapping into new workforce and talent models, and;
  • Why the Future of Work hinges on talent, technology, and the ultimate optimization of work.

Click here to register for tomorrow’s webcast, and begin prepping for the Future of Work!


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