The latest episode of Contingent Workforce Weekly, our penultimate episode of 2017, is the December edition of our monthly listener mailbag. Topics discussed during this week’s podcast include:

  • Procurement’s evolving role in contingent workforce management, and how this function will adapt in 2018 to better suit the new world of work.
  • A prediction of the government’s response to a larger American worker base that has adopted the freelance or “gig” lifestyle, and whether new legislation will be passed in 2018 to protect these workers, and;
  • How online and digital staffing channels (and platforms) will aid in the ongoing “war for talent.”

Stay tuned for a special end-of-year, “super-sized” podcast next week (our final new episode of 2017, which will feature a special guest), and listen to Episode 224 of Contingent Workforce Weekly below, or subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, or Google Play.

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