Over the past decade, Ardent Partners has conducted more supply management market research studies than any other firm or consultancy in the industry. In that time, we have benchmarked thousands of distinct organizations across all aspects of their supply management programs. As a result, we are pleased to present Ardent Partners’ Supply Management Book of Numbers for 2017 (click to download), sponsored by GEP. It is a compilation of the industry’s best and most widely-used procurement and accounts payable (AP) benchmarks captured in Ardent’s two most recent state of the market reports.

Ardent Partners’ Supply Management Book of Numbers for 2017 covers such a wide swath of business data that it can be adequately described as “the best of the best” for supply management metrics. Whether you’re a sourcing, procurement, or AP professional, you will find this report an insightful and valuable resource. Indeed, there’s truly something for everyone across the source-to-settle process to appreciate and use to help guide you and your business through a fast-paced business environment defined by innovation and digital transformation. Downloaders will find key industry data on:

  • The Chief Procurement Officer’s top performance metrics, like savings and compliance;
  • Spend Under Management — the gold standard for procurement performance;
  • Business processes and sub-processes, like spend analysis and strategic sourcing, across the source-to-settle process;
  • Ardent Partners’ Best-in-Class Maturity Framework for Procurement and AP, including maturity class performance comparisons;
  • Best-in-Class technology adoption rates for procurement and AP, and the “visibility advantage” and “technology advantage” they have vis-a-vis their competitors, respectively;
  • Invoice metrics, like the average time and price to process an invoice, and invoice exception rates;
  • How many organizations today process B2B payments manually vs. electronically;
  • The top AP strategies to impact cash management.ArdentPartners-BookofNumbers2017-CoverA

We’re really excited about this eBook, and so is its sponsor, GEP. Get your hands on Ardent’s newest research product and quickly get up to speed on all of the key metrics there are in the supply management industry today. Complete the form below to instantly download your copy of Ardent Partners’ Supply Management Book of Numbers for 2017, available for a limited time only.


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