There’s no doubt that, seemingly by the week, the greater realm around today’s non-employee workforce is evolving at a rapid clip. From new technologies to new engagement methods, alternative talent sources and innovative concepts breaking into a new future of work, modern procurement and HR/human capital management professionals can be overwhelmed by the prevalence of a fast-paced industry that has major ramifications for its most important competitive differentiator: talent.

With all of these changes occurring, one critical aspect comes to light: the world of work is changing. Nearly 38% of today’s total global workforce is comprised of non-employee talent, including freelancers, independent contractors, “gig” workers, and professional services. From the war for talent to the ramifications of the Gig Economy, today’s procurement and human capital executives face a number of challenges in their pursuit of talent. And, as innovation takes hold of the business world, the real Future of Work is starting to show its true colors: with artificial intelligence, machine learning, and augmented reality becoming prime technological disruptors, what does the second half of 2017 hold for contingent workforce management (CWM) leaders?

I’m excited to be part of an exciting new webinar (on Wednesday, July 19, at 1pm ET), hosted and sponsored by ZeroChaos, that will not only take a look back at the major market shifts of the first half of 2017, but also attempt to look ahead to the next six months and identify crucial changes that could affect global management of the growing and evolving non-employee workforce. I’ll be joined by Jennifer Parker, Recruitment Manager, Burns & McDonnell, and Lisa Quattrini, Executive Vice President of North America at ZeroChaos, for an exclusive webcast that will tackle:

  • The evolution of CWM programs and the requirements to thrive in 2017 and beyond
  • The impact of CWM automation, managed service models, and other solutions
  • The ramifications of the Gig Economy on today’s talent engagement strategies
  • Total workforce management: myth or reality?
  • What the Future of Work truly means for today’s businesses

Click here to register for next week’s webinar. If you’re interested in learning about how the evolution of talent engagement strategies, contingent workforce technology, and the impending Future of Work will all affect your contingent workforce management program, this a webinar you will NOT want to miss.


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