Talent engagement is a critical issue for organizations of all sizes, not just large, enterprise-sized corporations. In fact, most small- and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) often struggle even more so because of a general lack of contingent workforce management (CWM) resources, technology, and expertise of a shifting talent market. As the non-employee workforce continues to grow and become more “blended” with traditional labor (Ardent research points to 38% of today’s total workforce considered non-employee, with another 10% rise expected into 2018), SMBs do not often hold the critical pieces that they need to tap into this powerful market of talent, including:

  • An understanding of the implications of the “Future of Work.”
  • Automated processes related to simple CWM capabilities.
  • In-house experts that can effectively guide the executive team on talent market shifts, and;
  • An ultimate embrace of the innovation happening outside of the company, including AI, robotics, and online staffing.

Join me for an exclusive webinar, sponsored by DCR Workforce, next Tuesday, June 13 (at 1pm ET) that will help all SMBs not only understand this new talent market, but will also prepare them to operate in a changing world of work in an effective manner. We’ll cover the complex world of CWM technology that is currently transforming the SMB extended workforce, as well as identify how forward-thinking concepts, such as total workforce management and next-level innovation, can impact the contemporary SMB. I’ll be joined by a panel of industry thought leaders, including Debra Bergevine and Richard Snider from DCR Workforce, Jeff Hebert of MetaProcure, and Jim Golden from GRI.

You won’t want to miss this exclusive webcast. SMBs will learn:

  • The continued implications of the Gig Economy.
  • How to effectively balance compliance, cost management, talent quality, and visibility.
  • The future role of total workforce management in the SMB contingent workforce management program.
  • Why analytics and intelligence form the foundation of any workforce management program.
  • How to build a next-generation talent engagement strategy that takes into account new sources of labor and skillsets, and;
  • How to derive even more value from Vendor Management System (VMS) platforms.

Click here to register for next week’s webinar, and I look forward to seeing you there!

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