The technology landscape in the world of non-employee workforce management, in recent years, has proven to be anything but static given the shifts in the speed of business, evolution of talent engagement, and emergence of the “gig economy.” From the continued progression of Vendor Management System (VMS) technology and rise in utilization of online talent platforms, the talent management technology ecosystem (discussed here at CPO Rising quite frequently) has proven to be one of the most powerful and innovative forces in today’s globalized business world.

Back in December, VMS powerhouses Beeline and IQNavigator shocked the contingent workforce industry by announcing a merger, bringing together two of the market’s biggest technology providers under a single company. While there were many questions and speculations in the immediate aftermath of December’s ground-shaking news (read Ardent’s deep analysis of the merger here), including the new company’s joint product roadmap and affects on both solutions’ current partners and customers, one big piece of the puzzle was announced this morning: the merged company will be moving forward under the Beeline brand.

“This brand announcement is an example of the work put forth to bring two outstanding companies together as one,” said Doug Leeby, Beeline CEO. “Under the Beeline corporate identity, we will continue to invest and enhance our two VMS platforms: IQN VMS and Beeline VMS, as well as develop innovative new functionality that will change the way companies engage with the extended workforce.”

As part of this brand announcement, the company stated that IQN’s VMS platform would be considered a product offering (with the IQN logo being phased out in the coming months), while Beeline would be utilized as the company brand. Beeline is currently investing in enhancements to both VMS platforms (including further technology convergence efforts), as well as its self-sourcing functionality. Respective customers will continue to use either the Beeline or IQN tools as they have been.

The brand’s new website will be up and running in the coming weeks, with the solution’s first combined U.S. customer conference scheduled for early May in Orlando. The company will continue to be jointly-run from both the Denver and Jacksonville headquarters.

This news will allow both platforms to benefit from the power of the longstanding Beeline brand and its self-sourcing differentiator, which has been a pure outlet of innovation for nearly three years. There will be no doubt that some of IQNavigator’s recent developments, such as its deep partner ecosystem and ATOM cognitive data functionality, will help take the Beeline solution into new and exciting territory.

Stay tuned to CPO Rising for news and updates regarding the contingent and non-employee workforce technology market (and subscribe to our Contingent Workforce Weekly podcast, which frequently discusses the impact of technology and innovation within this industry).


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