Change is an accepted component of the modern business world. Corporate functions evolve, technology disrupts everyday processes, and the means with which projects are addressed seem to change on a yearly basis with the advent of new solutions, networks, and approaches. The “world of work” is no different: CPO Rising has been ardent about the fact that the way enterprises address their talent-based needs has been revolutionized. Innovation is around every corner, and the “future of work” is here.

Within the world of the non-employee workforce, innovation is a fluid concept. Both technology providers and the actual businesses leveraging the platforms understand that, over time, disruption and evolution will be constants. And, as global competition and other key business pressures take form, enterprises will continue to experience a transformation in how their talent is found, engaged, sourced, and ultimately managed.

Last week, Vendor Management System (“VMS”) solution provider Beeline held their annual customer event at The W Hotel in downtown Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  For the solution, which has a history of embracing innovation in this industry as a way to move the space forward, it was no surprise that the very notion of the “future” and innovation were key themes throughout the conference.

“We have some serious changes coming ahead for our industry,” said Beeline President and CEO Doug Leeby, during the event’s opening address, stating that he believes the non-employee workforce world is moving in a direction that will see the elimination of some key aspects of today’s contingent workforce management structure.

Leeby highlighted the history of the Beeline solution, pausing to praise its acquisition of Freelancer Management System (“FMS”) and online talent platform OnForce back in the summer of 2014 (which has now enabled Beeline to support its “self-sourcing” functionality), and discussed his vision of “one platform for all non-employee labor.” “It sounds a lot harder than it reads on paper,” he said.

Leeby also proclaimed his future state of the industry, when traditional aspects such as staffing suppliers (“staffing firms will cease to exist in 10 years”), candidate interviews, and requisitions will all be eliminated, replaced by next-generation automation that will intelligently understand enterprise requirements and engage talent in a seamless and holistic fashion. Leeby also spent some time on the concept of “total talent management” or “total workforce management,” saying that for this program to be possible, everyone must think of it “in a more global way” and move beyond mere “total talent sourcing” for all-encompassing programs that address all facets of talent engagement and talent management.

Other highlights of Beeline’s event included:

  • An engaging session on total talent management led by Beeline’s Director of Product Management, Amy Woodham. The workshop, which included a packed room, proved why this concept is still polarizing to most organizations, as there were varied definitions from each of the seven or eight workshop groups. However, the end result? Most of the room believed that total talent management/total workforce optimization is the future of the non-employee workforce industry, an aspect that that has been covered many times here on CPO Rising.
  • Graffiti artist and author Erik Wahl’s animated mainstage presentation on the link between creativity and innovation, and;
  • New York Times-bestselling author Josh Linkner on business awareness, curiosity, and how these two concepts are ultimately connected to true innovation (takeaway line from his presentation: “Don’t become stale in your old ways: start with blank page wonder and bring it to the surface.”).

Last week’s Beeline conference had a recurring theme of innovation in how to approach and manage the evolving non-employee workforce. If you’re interested in reading more about the impact of innovation in this industry, be sure to download Christopher Dwyer’s new research report, the Contingent Workforce Management: 2016 Technology and Innovation Outlook Report.


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