IQN Partners with Bartech Group on Workforce Management Solutions

On April 13, IQN, a Colorado-based provider of contingent workforce management (CWM) solutions, announced that it has “extended and expanded” its partnership with Bartech Group, a Michigan-based managed service provider (MSP), to provide its customers with the best of both worlds. Under this greater partnership, IQN will combined its vendor management systems (VMS) with Bartech’s MSP capabilities to provide its customers with an enhanced CWM capability. IQN will also be able to leverage Bartech’s recent collaboration with the Impellam Group, a UK-based staffing MSP, and provide the benefits of this trilateral partnership to its clients.

SciQuest Updates Source-to-Settle Platform with New Contract Management Solution

On April 12, North Carolina-based SciQuest (Nasdaq: SQI), which offers automated spend management solutions for procurement practitioners, announced that it has updated its cloud-based spend management solution platform with an array of new features. SciQuest prioritized mobility, enhanced workflows, and cross-platform integration in its newest release to reflect the direction in which enterprises continue to move. Total Contract Manager, its suite-based contract management solution, now features an array of updated features, like the ability to author and manage individual obligations and contract compliance milestones, tracking of deliverables, notifications, and action items, and a dashboard for review and action.

Other updates to the suite include streamlined supplier management workflows spanning the source-to-settle arc; a new global touchless VAT capability that seeks to enhance customer tax compliance; a refreshed mobile app that allows users to buy at any place and time and allows them to check their budgets while doing so. Additional updates include self-service features, including the ability to delete suppliers across the system, the ability to consolidate items in the Advanced Sourcing Optimizer, enhancements to Spend Radar and Spend analytics that allows users to include non-spend metrics, and the addition of the Danish language to the platform.

Resilinc Takes Supply Chain Intelligence and Risk Management on the Go

On April 14, California-based Resilinc, which develops cloud-based global supply chain risk intelligence and management solutions, announced that it has developed a mobile app that is meant to not only be compatible with its desktop solutions, but also extend the value of those solutions off premises. Resilinc’s Mobile App was developed with a mobile-first mindset meant to give executives instant, seamless, and real-time access to ongoing risk events, the ability to drill down on specific categories and suppliers that are at higher risk (on a scale of 1 to 10), and the ability to instantly mobilize resources and initiate contingency plans to mitigate high-priority risks. Resilinc’s Mobile App also allows executives to access risk management dashboards without logging into applications, saving them time and increasing the user experience.

Dun & Bradstreet Releases Human Trafficking Risk Management Tool

On April 13, Dun & Bradstreet, the New Jersey-based provider of third-party credit, market intelligence, and risk information, announced that it has developed and deployed a new tool that companies can use to better manage the risk of human trafficking in their global supply chains. Leveraging D&B’s Human Trafficking Risk (HTR) index, as well as its Responsible Business Analytics suite, users can gain an integrated view into their suppliers’ “family tree”, thereby providing transparency beyond their first-tier suppliers. All too often, well-meaning but ill-equipped enterprise procurement teams and risk managers cannot get past the first tier of suppliers due to how murky the relationships are. But D&B’s solution aims to clarify vertical and horizontal supplier relationships and allow risk managers to spotlight problematic suppliers.


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