ICon Professional Services and Synergy Services Merge, Rebrand as TalentWave

On March 31, ICon Professional Services and Synergy Services, two contingent workforce management (“CWM”) solution providers that had merged in October 2015, announced that they have rebranded as TalentWave to provide cloud-based CWM solutions to the non-employee labor market. Following the merger, the two companies combined their people, processes, and technologies, and are now poised to offer clients — old and new —  an array of cloud-based solutions on their iConnect technology platform. These include ICVerify, which provides independent contractor vetting and verification; IC Engagement and Agent of Record services; Professional Payrolling and Employer of Record services; Vendor Qualification and Subcontracting services; Talent Community — a talent engagement and re-engagement solution; a Global Services offering; and finally, a Health Check solution that allows clients to identify risks within their independent contractor community.

DocuSign to Embed eSignature, DTM into IBM Software and Solutions

On April 6, DocuSign, the San Francisco-based provider of cloud-based digital transaction management (“DTM”) and electronic signature (“eSignature”) solutions, announced that it is partnering with IBM and will embed its eSignature and DTM solutions into IBM Cloud’s software and solutions. The two companies want to advance the notion of “digital trust” across enterprises and help usher in digital transformation. Companies of all sizes are ditching paper-based signatures and contracts and are moving to cloud-based, digital contracts and signatures, and it is this notion of “digital trust” that is paving the way for it. In doing so, they plan to make DocuSign’s API available through Bluemix, which will allow IBM customers and developers to embed DTM and eSignature within IBM’s cloud platform. This partnership ought to serve as a force multiplier for DocuSign’s solutions and make them more widely available to a larger user-base.

Apttus Quote-to-Cash Goes “Artificial,” Partners with Microsoft

On April 5, FierceCIO.com reported that Apttus, the California-based provider of quote-to-cash, contract, and supplier management solutions, has developed an artificial intelligence (“AI”) capability for its customers, dubbed “Apttus Intelligence Cloud.” The solution leverages machine learning and smart analytics to review enterprise transactional data and make recommendations based on user history rather than set policy. In doing so, it provides Apttus users with another “set of eyes” on optimal quote-to-cash scenarios. Apttus is offering Apttus Intelligence Cloud to Microsoft Azure customers via Microsoft Pinpoint, and it is the first solution of its kind available on the Microsoft platform.

Chrome River Partners with Meridian Global Services to Drive T&E and Compliance

On March 31, Chrome River, the Los Angeles-based provider of digital spend management solutions, announced that it has partnered with Meridian Global Services, a New York-based professional services firm focused on driving T&E and complex spend compliance. In doing so, the two firms can round out each other’s offerings and present each other with cross-selling opportunities. Chrome River clients will have the opportunity to take advantage of Meridian’s expertise in VAT and international tax compliance, while Meridian clients will be able to leverage Chrome River’s T&E and indirect spend management solutions.

Hubwoo Announces Full-Year 2015 Financial Results

On March 29, Hubwoo (Euronext: HBW.NX), the Paris-based provider of spend management and business process automation solutions for the cloud that is owned by Perfect Commerceannounced financial results for fiscal year 2015. Hubwoo was acquired by Perfect Commerce back in the third quarter of 2015 (Technology Round-Up – September 23, 2015), and as Hubwoo’s CEO Hampton Wall noted, the acquisition has had an impact on revenues, as well as subscriptions to its SaaS solutions, and services.

Full-year highlights include:

  • 24.5 million Euros in consolidated revenue, compared to 27.5 million Euros in 2014, or a -11% difference year-over-year
  • EBITDA of 2.2 million Euros, compared to 3.6 million Euros in 2014, or a -40% difference year-over-year
  • a loss of 20 million Euros in net earnings
  • 1.1 million Euros in operating cashflow, compared to 3.1 million Euros in 2014, or a -65% difference year-over-year
  • 5.8 million Euros in cash, compared to 6 million Euros in 2014, or a -2% difference year-over-year


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