SAP-Concur Extends its Managed Travel Program, TripLink, to French and German Markets

On February 16, SAP, the parent company of travel and expense management solution provider, Concur, announced that it is extending its managed travel program, TripLink, to the French and German markets. Now, French and German clients can leverage the solution to pull in travel and expenses that are booked directly with suppliers under an internal enterprise umbrella. The resultant capability can, in theory, provide greater oversight of travel and expenses that were once outside the purview of managers, and potentially enhance compliance to enterprise travel and expense policies. Pulling in outside bookings, travel, and expenses can also allow enterprises to take advantage of more discounting, gain greater insight into travel spend data, and keep tabs on their personnel while travelling.

Exari Acquires Fellow Contract Management Solution Provider, Contiki

On February 17, Boston-based Exari, which provides cloud-based contract management solutions, announced that it has acquired Oslo-based CMA Contiki, a provider of enterprise contract management solutions in an all-cash transaction of an undetermined value. The acquisition brings pre-and post-signature (end-to-end) capabilities to Exari and CMA Contiki customers, including automated contract creation, contract repository, contract analytics, and supplier risk management, among other features. As a result of the acquisition, Exari claims that it will now serve hundreds of thousands of users in 80 countries across the Americas, Europe, and Asia-Pacific, with plans to expand its user base with further advancements.

Kinaxis Reports 4Q and Full Year 2015 Financial Results

Also on February 17, Kinaxis, the Ottawa, Canada-based provider of supply chain management (SCM) and sales and operations planning (S&OP) solutions, announced financial results for the fourth quarter and full year of 2015. According to John Sicard, CEO of Kinaxis, “subscription revenue continues to drive our underlying fundamentals as we add new accounts and current accounts expand their applications,” adding that they “enter 2016 with strong momentum” and look forward to enhancing their SCM solutions. Some highlights from the fourth quarter include:

  • $24.2 million in revenue, up 29% from Q4 2014
  • $17.0 million in subscription revenue, up 22% from Q4 2014
  • $17.4 million in gross profit (72% of total revenue), up 30% from Q4 2014
  • $7.1 million adjusted EBITDA (30% of total revenue), up 88% from Q4 2014

Some highlights from 2015  include:

  • $91.3 million in revenue totaled, up 30% from 2014
  • $65.2 million in subscription revenue, up 28% from 2014
  • $65.5 million in gross profit (72% of total revenue), up 33% from 2014
  • $30.0 million adjusted EBITDA (33% of total revenue), up 86% from 2014


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