Ardent Partners conducts one CPO-focused market research study each year and we’d like to invite you to participate in it. By taking the survey, you have an opportunity to help advance the collective knowledge of the entire procurement profession AND get a full view into the current “State of Procurement” when the report publishes in March.

CPO RISING 2016: The Art and Science of Procurement

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About this study:

In 2006, I co-authored my first CPO-focused report entitled, The CPO’s Strategic Agenda 2006: Managing People, Managing Spend which argued that if managing spend was, in fact, a strategic process, investing in the people that manage that spend was a worthwhile investment. In the ensuing decade, these reports tackled topics far and wide… from “working with the CFO” and “driving innovation within the enterprise and across the supply chain” to “managing through the tough times” (i.e. the great recession) and “developing a new, more agile CPO agenda.” Hundreds of pages rich with data, insights, CPO interviews and case studies, and recommendations. Hundreds of written pages and many more hours spent working on each report. All told, more than 4,000 CPOs and other procurement executives have participated in these annual surveys (and follow-up interviews) and provided the responses and insights and that have fueled the development of these “state of the procurement market” reports.

At Ardent Partners, we changed the report title to “CPO Rising 201x: Subtitle” [not to be confused with either our CPO Rising event or this website that share the same name] and dramatically expanded the scope of and analysis within the report. Now, each of these annual reports works to present a comprehensive, industry-wide view into what is happening in the world of procurement in present day by drawing on the experience, performance, and perspective of hundreds of Chief Procurement Officers and other procurement executives. The reports also publish performance and operational benchmark statistics as well as the strategies that Best-in-Class procurement departments are using to gain an advantage in the market.

Like the procurement profession itself, these reports have evolved over time and will continue to advance as we both reflect what is happening in the market and actively push it forward. For example, last year’s report “The Agility Agenda” argued that “the procurement teams that adeptly connect their tools, resources, and expertise to support the evolving needs of the business will succeed above all others. [And, that] agility will define the next wave of procurement success.”

This year’s report CPO Rising 2016: The Art and Science of Procurement will take a penetrating look at what is required to achieve procurement mastery in the age of innovation. This survey which is now open will also look at how today’s procurement leaders develop and balance the creative (“art”) and quantitative (“science”) capabilities of their organizations to maximize value and best support enterprise goals and objectives today and in the future.

If you are a procurement practitioner that is interested in the topics covered in the articles on CPO Rising, the reports that Ardent publishes, or the webinars and presentations we deliver, we invite and encourage you to participate in this exciting study. Click here to take the survey.

Thanks in advance for your time and support!

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