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Posted by Andrew Bartolini on January 11th, 2012
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Two good bets today – play to win!

(1) Top Tips for Building an AP Automation Business Case & Calculating Your ROI

We supported Cyber Week 2011 with a “net promotion” of our own, offering the first report in Ardent Partners’ ePayables SMARTSet™Business Case Template for AP Automation – for free for one day – about 80 of you took advantage of that offer. Now for those of you missed that free opportunity (actually, those that did pick up the report will also be interested), you can hear this report come to life as the SMARTSet™ author, Vishal Patel presents a webinar based upon that report and the second document in the series – The ROI Calculator.  The webinar is sponsored by ACOM Solutions Inc.

Here is the official description to the webinar:

Top Tips for Building an AP Automation Business Case & Calculating Your ROI

Thursday, January 19, 2012 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM PST

Building a winning Business Case with a well-structured and logical ROI model are two essential steps to initiating an accounts payable (AP) automation project. Both of which require a lot of effort including research on processes and costs, uncovering current inefficiencies, communication with relevant stakeholders, executive buy-in, financial analysis and much more.

This webinar will outline the main areas to focus on when creating an AP automation business case and calculating an ROI, allowing your organization to present a logical argument for investment in an AP solution.

Our webinar features Vishal Patel, a Research Director at Ardent Partners. Vishal focuses his research on the accounts payable and brings a wealth of experience in AP processes, strategies and best-practices.

He will discuss the key requirements to prepare a winning business case and the important factors to consider when calculating an ROI. The webinar will include discussion around the following areas:

• Relevant Stakeholders
• Current Processes & Costs
• Challenges / Opportunities
• Technology Requirements
• Organizational Impact
• Project Risks
• Financial Analysis – calculating an ROI and presenting key financial metrics that will help ‘sell’ a project

Vishal Patel, Research Director & Vice President of Client Services for Ardent Partners

Vishal is a recognized expert in the world of Supply Management and Accounts Payable technology. He has worked closely with procurement and accounts payable groups for most of his career, researching their best practices and advising them on how to utilize technology to improve organizational performance.

Register for the webinar by clicking here.

(2) ePayables Solution Provider Landscape & Deployment Best Practices

The final two documents in the ePayables SMARTSet™were published in December and are now available in the Ardent Partners’ Research Library. They are –

The AP Automation Solution Provider Landscape will help enterprises navigate the solution provider landscape by cutting to the chase and discussing the key capabilities and performance of the main solution providers in the space and how they each match to different technical, process, and organizational requirements. The report also includes detailed descriptions of the main solution providers within each of the categories above and discusses their specific offerings. These descriptions will help readers gain a better understanding of the products and services available in the market and the ability to identify a short-list of prospective providers based upon their unique requirements.

AP Automation Deployment Best Practices Guide highlights a collection of best practices drawn from Best-in-Class practitioners around the deployment and subsequent usage of AP automation and the insights of Ardent’s experienced analyst team.

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