We interrupt the “10 for 2010” series to highlight a webinar (free registration) that I will be participating on Wednesday that looks at best practices in using spend visibility to drive sourcing success. Here’s the official invitation:

Enterprise spend data provides the procurement organization with an intelligent look into the core of their expenses and purchases which when infused into the strategic sourcing pipeline, can identify cost savings and boost spend under management. To take this a step further, organizations can leverage the spend analysis data to achieve the business objectives of other internal units like Finance, Marketing, etc.

A panel of experts will discuss, how linking spend data to sourcing can unlock higher savings. On attending this free webinar you will learn:

  • How companies are making the most from their Spend Analysis data
  • How spend data analysis can help your organization form a larger (and more effective) strategic sourcing pipeline
  • How the combination of spend data with strategic sourcing can help the CFO plan budgets across business units better, and save millions
  • Best practices from leading organizations, that you can implement in your setup to increase savings

I will presenting key findings from Aberdeen Group’s most recent Spend Analysis report and then lead an interactive panel discussion with Dana Loucks, Systems Manager, UTC Supply Management, who will discuss the spend analysis initiative that he has been championing United Technologies (“UTC”) and Anurag Dixit, Vice President of Marketing at Zycus, who will offer his perspective on spend analysis based upon his client’s experience.

Beyond the topics noted above, I plan to ask questions focused on the benefits of Spend Analysis beyond savings, how UTC made its business case and a detailed discussion of the UTC project roll-out and key takeaways from that experience. The free webinar is at 2 pm ET on Wednesday and is sponsored by Zycus


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